The solutions applied make it clear that there is room for functional, spatial, technical and social improvement using assisted participatory and DIY interventions. These interventions are low-cost and can be completed quickly; they are also standardized, simple, and can be adapted to meet the needs of different buildings and communities. In addition to buildings in the Raval, they can be used in other vulnerable communities.


The issues identified in the five selected buildings can be addressed using a series of tools we call “prototypes”. These objects can be added to buildings without altering their original construction.

This means they can be dismantled whenever necessary, either to allow for the maintenance of the space or when they are deemed no longer useful. Generally, these buildings include historical elements that should be protected, and these pieces respect that.

Impact on the environment and
public health

The prototypes address the health problems present in old buildings, such as foul smells or excess humidity due to a lack of ventilation. These solutions are also designed to be environmentally sustainable, with the generation of new forms of ventilation using passive, natural systems.



Social impact

It has been shown that quality of life improves when neighbours see themselves as part of a community; this is particularly true for disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Shared areas like rooftops can serve as gathering spaces that help to forge connections among residents.

Economic impact

Our prototypes also promote a local, circular economy. All prototypes were made with support from small, local businesses to ensure they can be manufactured in the neighbourhood.
In all, we have implemented the following interventions in five different buildings, organized by strategy :

︎ Rooftop pergolas and the removal of antennas and cables (safety, plants, meeting spaces, storage...)

︎ Repair of stair steps and railings, and placement of benches on landings (safety and accessibility)

︎ Improvements to artificial illumination and signage in entranceways and stairs (safety, accessibility)

︎ Opening of transom windows, substitution of opaque or non-ventilated doors, ventilated walls in entranceways and the substitution of the roof of a stairwell (ventilation and illumination)

︎Carretes, 1

           08001, El Raval, Barcelona

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︎Peu de la creu, 32

           08001, El Raval, Barcelona

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︎ Sant Ramon, 2

          08001, El Raval, Barcelona

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︎ Sant Pacià, 21 

            08001, El Raval, Barcelona

︎ Rambla del Raval, 11

          08001, El Raval, Barcelona

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